Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Sorry I've been missing lately. The holidays in general have sapped me. Decorating, parties, festivities, baking, shopping and the like take their toll and unfortunately blogging falls way down on the list of to dos.

No complaints, 2006 was probably one of my better years, except for the folks health. With that momentum going I'm going to make some resolutions (ie: goals) and stick with them again this year. I'll check back in, probably quarterly, just so I can keep myself accountable.

2007 Resolutions

1.) Finish losing weight and get to and stay at goal.
(I'm .4 shy of 90 lbs. and I have anywhere between 30-50 lbs to go.)

2.) Become more financially proactive.
(I know nothing about our money and where we spend it. Personally, I think we can be wiser and I need to be more active with the bill paying. I'm going to read Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover.)

3.) Get off my ass and MOVE 3-5X a week.
(It's sad how little I've worked out and still lost the weight. I need to find an activity or activities that I enjoy and make me want to move.)

4.) Try a new recipe weekly.
(I tend to fall back on old favorites. I need to expand my menus.)

5.) Find my calling.
(I don't just need a job I need to find something that is suited to my personality.)

6.) Scrapbook more.
(I capture the special event pretty well. I need to work on the everyday mundane things. Special events are nice but I'm hoping to really capture a snapshot, day in the life, sorta feel.)

Saturday, December 09, 2006

2nd Go Around

Dad was born on April Fool's Day and it's sorta been down hill ever since. If I've ever wondered where I got klutziness, it's from dad, there's no doubt in either of our minds. The man's a walking disaster waiting to happen. For someone who's got 3 degrees on the wall, sometimes I shake my head at the things that happen to him. Is it bad luck or is it self inflicted, sometimes it's both. For example, he was driving home from work on day and had a blow out on the spare in his trunk. It blew his trunk clean off! He made the news and was pretty proud of himself. He's done silly things like putting a string of Christmas lights in the microwave to make them more pliable and easy to hang. What he didn't count on was practically burning down the house when they caught fire. That's the year we call, "the new appliance Christmas". I won't even tell you how many times he's sunk his boat, just don't ask, it's not pretty.

Back in 1989 my father had all of the lymph nodes removed from his neck due to malignant cancer. He went though a couple of rounds of radiation and he has stayed cancer free. That was, till this last week. For 3 months he's found a small amount of blood in his urine, just a little and no pain to speak of or any other symptoms. He contacted his urologist and made an appointment. He went through a couple of tests and the doctor found a tumor on his bladder the size of a thumb nail.

Wednesday morning, Mom and I checked Dad into the hospital to have the tumor removed. Everything went according to plan, the tumor and surrounding tissue was removed and he spent the night in the hospital due to some bleeding and an enlarged prostate. Late Wednesday night the doctor had the nurses do a chemo flush of his bladder to kill any cancerous cells that might still be floating around after his procedure. Radiation is not an option when dealing with bladder cancers. He had zero pain with his procedure, which amazes me. He says it's because he has a good doctor, I say it's because of the drugs. He was released on Thursday and went home to sleep in his own bed that night.

The diagnosis and prognosis? He had a superficial tri-cell carcinoma removed from the right lower part of his bladder. There's an 75-80% chance of another tumor coming back, if it's caught early it will be removed, via the same method. If another tumor appears after that, they remove the bladder as a precaution. His doctor wants to see him every 3 months for observation. He is in great spirits and feeling optimistic. Actually, he was happy they didn't cut his wiener off.

Why my Dad? Why twice? He's a good man and doesn't deserve this again.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Merry Christmas Gram

As seen on one of my FAVORITE message boards: What gift giving traditions do you do every year........

Grandma gets scratch-offs, cash, and a gift card for the grocery story. Plus a carton of cigarettes and a case of cheap beer. Hey, she's 89 years old, it keeps her off the streets!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Over on the message boards at you'll see this little acronym used quite a lot. And I will readily admit it took me forever and a few beers to figure out what it meant. Non. Scale. Victory.

So you'll see someone post about grabbing two sizes of jeans, heading to the dressing room trying on the bigger pair first but needing and buying and smaller size, that's a non scale victory. I had 2 of those today.

First, I was at Macy's, you know, just looking around, drooling on stuff when a woman walks by me (whom I don't know) and says, "I just love what you're wearing, it goes so well together." A complete stranger gives me a compliment, out of the blue, totally random. How nice of her, she made my day and I told her thanks and have a happy thanksgiving. Little did she realize what a nice sincere compliment can do for someone. So, nice compliment lady, thank you.

The second and best? I was driving home, in my middle lane, Hayes Carll blaring on a CD when out of the corner of my eye I see a black car jet up next to me. After a few seconds I realize, that that car isn't passing me but he's got clear sailing ahead of him in the fast lane. So, what do I do? Glance over of course, to see a handsome 3o-ish man driving this very hot Mercedes coupe, 500 series no less! Again, I commenced with said drooling, not over the guy, but the car! Am I wearing my sunglasses, hell no! He caught my look and mouthed, "Hi! You're beautiful." Dude, did I just get flirted with on the freeway? Sho did. So I say, "Hi! Thank you." back with an admittedly sheepish grin and school girl giggle. To which he mouths, "Are you married?" holding up his ring finger. I say, "Yes!" and hold up mine. He frowns sadly and says he's not. Then he perks up and asks, "Happily?" I say, "Yes!" He frowns again. Then he asks, "Where are you going?" "Home.", I say and point to my exit. He waves good bye and blows me a kiss with a "Bye, beautiful." What the hell?!?! Do people not get pick up in bars anymore?

I'm sitting at a traffic light past my exit, shocked as all hell, that I just got flirted with so I pick up my cell phone and call The Husband and recount the story. He says, "Great, next you'll want new boobs and a divorce." It's a running joke around here because all of his friend's wives that got boob jobs also found new husbands after said boobs. Most of the ex-husbands are still paying on the boobs to boot!

So with that, I'll say I'm mighty grateful and blessed. I sincerely hope everyone has a wonderful thanksgiving and please, if you're traveling, come home safe.

Friday, November 17, 2006

A Jump Start To New Years

I read this post today on my friend Bonnie's blog. I love her outlook on her life, she's so phenomenal! I get done reading her blog and I'm happier. I think that is her contribution to blogging, to spread happiness. Now, I love a good story, but so many that I've been reading lately are such downers, I want my blogging time to be uplifting, inspirational. So, here's my contribution, from Bonnie, thanks hon!

The days and nights fly by. Our lives go on by, are we living happy?
Are we doing the things we wanna do, are we setting goals to accomplish them?
Are we doing our favorite hobby more, like we really want to?
Are we setting aside special times with friends and family?
Are we starting new things we've always wanted to try?
Are we taking risks?
Are we loving more?
Are we making a difference?
Are we an influence wherever we go?
Are we encouraging people? Or naysayers?
Are we a better friend?
A better coworker?
A better wife. sister, mother, daughter?
Are we truly happy?

Evaluate. Dig deep. Evaluate your life. Discover the things about yourself you wanna change, then go ahead and set a goal. Dig deep. Find yourself. And live that life you've imagined. Why not start now? What's stopping you? What's stopping me?

Sunday, November 05, 2006

When In Doubt, Another Meme

Totally stolen from Beth! Thank you!

1. WHAT DOES YOUR CELL PHONE LOOK LIKE? Hell, it's grey and it rings. Other than that, I could care less.

2. DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME YOU WERE BORN? Morning I think. According to Mom, her life was ruined afterward because I wasn't a boy. Yay!


4. WHAT DO YOU MISS? Eating whatever the hell I want and not giving a damn.

5. DO YOU PREFER HOT DOGS OR HAMBURGERS? Hamburgers please. I'm trying to cut down on lips and assholes.

6. DO YOU GET SCARED IN THE DARK? Nope, the darker the better.



9. IF YOU COULD EAT ANYTHING RIGHT NOW, WHAT WOULD IT BE? DQ Blizzard, thanks you know who!

10. WHO IS THE LAST PERSON WHO WAS MAD AT YOU? Probably my boss. Oh well, deal.

11. DO YOU SPEAK ANOTHER LANGUAGE? Does bullshit count?

12. WHAT WAS THE FIRST GIFT SOMEONE EVER GAVE YOU: And I'm suppose to remember this? I'm doing good to remember my cell phone number most days.



15. YOUR WEAKNESSES? Men who can sing and no I don't have a crush on the old guy at church that's our soloist. I swear.

16. EVER DONE A PRANK CALL? I'm way to practical for that. Well, ok, just once, but I was drunk so I think it would qualify as a drunk-n-dial. I'm sure I woke up some poor old couple in Nebraska.

17. IF YOU COULD GET PLASTIC SURGERY WHAT WOULD IT BE? HA! Lipo, tummy tuck, microdemabrasion and botox, top the self improvement list.


19. WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY? I had a better than great birthday this year. Friends, scrapbooking and family! Yay!

20. HOW MANY KIDS DO YOU WANT? Do dogs count? I'd take another ill behaved dachshund in a heartbeat.

21. DO YOU WISH ON STARS? Hell no, I'm not THAT big of a mush.

22. WHICH FINGER[S] IS/ARE YOUR FAVORITE? Any finger that's got a diamond on it.

23. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? Hmmmmmm, the other week.

24. WHAT IS YOUR MOST EMBARRASSING CD ON THE SHELF? I own one, count it, one, Robert Earl Keen CD. He seriously makes my ears bleed.

25. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON, WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOURSELF? Abso-fucking-lutely! I'm a good friend, thank you.

26. HAVE YOU EVER TOLD A SECRET YOU SWORE NOT TO TELL? I'm a great secret keeper, so, no.

27. DO LOOKS MATTER? No, but I'll make fun of you once you're out of earshot. Kidding, kinda.

28. HOW DO YOU RELEASE YOUR ANGER? Kick the husband? No really, just a dog or 2. Kidding. I don't get angry, thank you prescription drug companies.

29. DO YOU TRUST OTHERS EASILY? Way too often.


31. WHERE WERE YOU 6 HOURS AGO? Nap, sofa, football. Need I say more?

32. WHO WILL BE YOUR NEXT KISS? Stanley? He's super friendly. Either that or he wants to hump my leg, so I'll take a puppy kiss.

33. IS THERE ANYTHING PINK WITHIN 10 FEET OF YOU? Dude, I'm sitting in my girly pink office surrounded by black toile. What do YOU think?

34. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING RIGHT NOW? My pjs, I should be in bed.

35. WHAT'S THE LAST SPORTING EVENT YOU WATCHED? UT footballl on Saturday night, duh.

36. WHAT IS/WAS YOUR FAVORITE CLASS? History and geography *yawn*.

37. HOW OLD ARE YOUR PARENTS? Mom is going to be 70 this week and dad is 71.


39. WERE YOU AN HONOR ROLL STUDENT IN SCHOOL? Yes, budding over-achieving geek and damn proud!

40. WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE FUTURE? Go ask Tom Cruise, he's got the 411 for all of us, da freak.

41. DO YOU HAVE A TAN? Sorry, cracker white. Maligant melanoma is not my friend.

42. HOW OLD DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS? That'll be the day after never.
43. LAST TIME YOU GOT STOPPEDD BY A COP OR PULLED OVER? Fall of 1987. State trooper, coming home from an away football game in high school. Yeah I was speeding. I deserved the ticket. I was reallllllly late getting home.

44. HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR DRINKS? Cold, never hot.

45. ARE YOU SOMEONES BEST FRIEND? Yep, and I lurve her!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Why I *Heart* The Internet

I love the day after Halloween. I make sure and hit my favorite scrapbook message boards bright and early for the arm chair commentary of moms. There are some really great topics posted not to mention tons of pictures by proud moms showing off their little cuties in their costumes.

Today we were discussing the weirdest thing you got as a kid or your kids got this year as a "treat" in their orange jack o lantern. We got answers like jello, tooth brushes and tooth paste, bologna sandwiches, rolled pennies, pencils, coupons, carrots, old Christmas or Easter candy, dimes, cereal, cheese and crackers, fudge, candy canes, hats, hot cocoa, play dough, fortune cookies and instant oatmeal. Ick on most of those.

And then there was this:

Lady #1: When I was six years old my brother and I got hash in our trick or treat bags. Not corned beef hash. Not hash browns. Hash- like the drug. I think that was the last time my mother ever let us go trick or treating.

Lady #2: Dude, where'd you grow up, Amsterdam??

Classic!! I could NOT stop laughing! Wrong, but so damn funny!